39 Years

Something I wrote for Tom, my enduring love and best friend.  Happy anniversary honey.


Two slightly messed up kids

Needing someone to call our own

Passion and laughter

Connection and sweetness

Our beginning


Building a little life together

You, content to live for the day

Me, intent on taking the next step

You relented (the first of many concessions)

Our proposal story


Growing together included growing up

Taking on responsibility like home ownership

Managing money that never stretched far enough

Having babies in the 80’s, three of them

Our family life


A busy life with jobs, bills, school, and kids

Still growing up and at times growing apart

Something would happen to offer the choice

To give up or get through, to stay or to go

We stayed


Our kids grew and our parents got sick

Parents died and kids left home

We were orphan kids and empty nest parents

But still together and thankful we still had us

Our foundation


Our entire adult history is interwoven together

Through milestones, joys, and trials

The kids have given us grandkids now

No one else can lay claim to what we’ve built together

Ours alone


And now we are older and hopefully wiser

I’m content to live a peaceful, simple life

And you are intent on taking the next step

Though it scares you—I know—because no one know you like I do

Just like you know me


Devoted is the right word for us now

We still have passion and plenty of laughter

The connection has endured and deepened

And the sweetness evolved to devotion

Evident between us in a million little ways

And we will remain devoted until the end of our days

As we promised