Friday the 13th

This was my view as I headed to work today. Ominous.

Before I left for work my husband commented that it was Friday the 13th and he didn’t like that because he’d wrecked a car on such a Friday many years ago, even before he met me.

I’ve heard this story many times in the 39 years I’ve known him.

This week on Wednesday there was a six car accident on Highway 1 during my commute time and today there was another accident in the exact same location just after I passed it during today’s commute.

Given these facts, comfort food was in order today for lunch at my desk.  This is what I chose from Natural Cafe and it was delicious.

And now, day is done.  I made it safely home and it’s Friday.  My day started with that ominous Friday the 13th moon-in-the-morning.  And it’s going to end with this kind of moon.

TGIF, cheers, and blessed weekend!


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