Sunday Dinner for Two

As much as I enjoy it when the opportunity presents to cook for my whole family, I also appreciate quiet dinners for two.  We used to do Sunday Dinner for everyone on a fairly regular basis when all three of our kids and their families lived nearby.  Now, with distance between us, more often than not it’s Sunday Dinner for two.  And I don’t mind that at all.

After a good soaking of rain yesterday and an exciting thunderstorm last night, this morning’s painted sky was a beautiful surprise.

Last weekend we were very busy with our very sick dog, so we missed the first church service of 2017; today’s message was encouraging and convicting all rolled into one, just as it should be.  We learned today that later this  month our church is bringing snow in, filling a large parking lot in order to host a snow day!  I know a little two year old girl who will enjoy that!

Sometimes we enjoy breakfast out after church and sometimes we do breakfast at home; today was an at-home kind of day.  I made jalapeno-spiked potatoes o’brien, bacon, easy-over eggs for Tom with wheat toast and cranberry juice, and a scrambled egg for me along with sourdough toast with apricot jam.  Delicious.  Well-fed, I had the fortitude to tackle marketing management study and even completed the test portion of my first unit exam.  I still have a paper to write about the four major categories of strategic alliances, but I’m feeling pretty accomplished.

Minimal household chores are tackled on Sundays around here.  Today the outside Christmas lights came down, laundry got done, and de-liming the Keurig is in process as I write.  I tell you, it’s been a riveting, fascinating day around here!

Back to where I started with this post…Sunday dinner.  Tonight it’s for two and on the menu we have buttermilk gravy smothered pork chops, smashed potatoes with plenty of European style butter, kale sauteed with garlic and crushed red pepper, and perhaps a glass of Churn chardonnay.

And now we are watching the Golden Globes.  This perfect end to an unremarkable but very relaxing day.

Hoping your Sunday has been blessed.


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